Contact: Ray Stewart

 As truckload supply and demand fluctuate and operating costs rise, flexible-pricing strategies must be developed to maintain profitability. In response to those changes, truckload and third-party professionals with this understanding will develop pricing strategies that meet these challenges. The primary mission of this website is to provide users with a quick and effective response capability.

 To accomplish this website objective, historical data is summarized and compared against system averages and user-defined expectations. The Truckload Guru presents actual, target, floor, and industry average rate information users can quickly and easily identify inferior lanes and customers. Once identified, sales and customer service action plans are developed to both eliminate network weaknesses and build network strengths by redirecting traffic flows into more profitable patterns. Persistent use of the website in this manner will likely generate returns of 5 to 10 cents per mile above other competitors with similar lengths-of-haul.